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About Us

Educational and Computer Services- Your Partner in Information Technology

Established in 1997, ECS (Pty) Ltd is your trusted partner in a wide range of IT Solutions involving Computer Training, Portal Management, Customer Relation Management (CRM), Networking, Database Design, Implementation and Support, ERP, Website Design and I.T Consultancy.

Our Objectives

Through experience over the years, we have distilled and refined the defining aspects of our operations around the following objectives;

  • Improve Personnel efficiency to a level matching the expectations on Employees by Managers and administrators.
  • Improving the efficiency of personnel around an organisation's pre-existing technological framework through imparting the necessary skills in computer use and associated applications.
  • Integrate new technological infrastructure in pre-existing frameworks and facilitate organizational adoption of new systems and processes.
  • Streamline and speed up the process of document search and retrieval across networks.
  • The development of proper storage mechanisms to vastly improve record seek times.
  • Reduce file redundancy on the network by minimizing file resource duplication.
  • Provide mechanisms for ensuring data security against network intrusions.
  • Our solutions, outlined below, aim to solve the problems analyzed above.


Our methodology is bench-marked against international standards in line with the following concepts;

  • Understanding our clients business processes, their objectives and business needs.
  • Working with clients’ staff to implement tailor made solutions according to their respective client offering.
  • Working closely with our clients to help them operate their business processes efficiently.


Building Innovative Solutions

E.C.S is a business and technology services provider that helps companies achieves exceptional performance through effective use of technologies from Microsoft and many other software vendors. We offer the “full solution” by also facilitating the implementation of supporting hardware and personnel training.

Product Delivery & Support

Our service begins with delivery of standard as well as custom products and ensuring that these Products are installed and tested. Ensuring a smooth workflow is the key determining factor to the successful completion of our product delivery service. Every effort is made to always transfer skills to the client such that the client is empowered to truly own their system.

Contact Us

Educational & Computer Services

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