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Computer Networking and Security Services

A fully integrated network security offering is also crucial to our value based philosophy. After all, nothing spells resource sharing and management better than the networked environment. Our offering includes:

  • IP Locks – Database Monitoring and Auditing Solutions
  • Intellinx – Visibility and Real Time Monitoring Solutions
  • Safend – End Point Security Solutions
  • PortAuthority – Intellectual Property Protection
  • SWAT – Network Access Control
  • PRIVAWALL – Secure Email Solutions

 In addition to the above internal threat solutions, we also specialize in the following external threat solutions:

  • IDS/IPS security solutions
  • File Seq Solo for file or directory based encryption
  • IP Granite, an IPSec based product suite that caters for secure VPNs and Secure Remote Access.
  • Firewalling service



Building Innovative Solutions

E.C.S is a business and technology services provider that helps companies achieves exceptional performance through effective use of technologies from Microsoft and many other software vendors. We offer the “full solution” by also facilitating the implementation of supporting hardware and personnel training.

Product Delivery & Support

Our service begins with delivery of standard as well as custom products and ensuring that these Products are installed and tested. Ensuring a smooth workflow is the key determining factor to the successful completion of our product delivery service. Every effort is made to always transfer skills to the client such that the client is empowered to truly own their system.

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