Visitor Management System

Visitor management is the process of tracking everyone who enters your building or your office. A visitor may be a customer, a delivery person, a job applicant, a contractor, a consultant, or the CEO’s third cousin twice removed. Essentially, anyone who is not a regular full-time employee is a visitor.

We have developed a solution that meets the requirements to track movement in and out of your business premises. eSalut Visitor Management System.

Features and Benefits

Our solution is tailored to meet multiple vertical use cases. We can also customise it to the Consumer or Customer's requirements.

  • Capture Visitor Details: eSalut keeps track of all visitors who enter your premises and saves their details in the administrative portal so that it can be easily retrieved whenever required.
  • eGate Pass: Contract workers or support visitors who are not on your payroll get an eGate Pass and can check in seamlessly through eSalut with a single click.
  • Host Approval: The visit for every visitor upon check-in is approved by the host through a notification email in real time enhancing the security of your premises.
  • Visitor Badges: The security person/receptionist has an option to print a visitor badge for the guest to carry around with company logo along with visitor and host details.
  • Pre Appointment: Your employees have the option to book a preappointment for high profile visitors making their movement smooth and easy.
  • Gadget Tracking: eSault can help track the movement of electronic gadgets going in and out of the premises to help secure your sensitive information and trade secrets..
  • Smart Alerts: Hosts and security can get smart alerts upon arrival of pre appointment based visitors or if a visitor overstays in premises beyond the official meet.
  • Dashboard and Reporting: Interactive dashboards for security/receptionists along with a centralised console to download visitor reports in excel. All at your fingerprint.

eSalut Visitor Magement System Licensing

eSalut Visitor Management System is geared towards closing the gaps in tracking of movement in and out of your business premises. By incorporating it into your business operations you will have control and visibility.This will empower you to protect your business assets.

  • On-Premises (No Data Breach)
  • Unlimited Users & Visits
  • Customise as per your needs
  • Local hosted network server
  • Plug and play solution

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